Imaging AI and Drug Co-development Process


Source : Translational and Regulatory Sciences, 2019

Heuron Biomarker Solutions

Technology Competitiveness

  • A unique segmentation method powered by the expertise of specialists
  • Methodology to enhance clinical diagnostic performance (maximization of sensitivity/specificity)

Expert knowledge-based algorithm

Data Cleaning and
image pre-processing software for Expert

Modeled on the diagnostic process
utilized by medical professionals

Optimized Diagnostic Complex Model

Multi-stage Competitive model decision Methods

Optimized Diagnostic Complex Model

Biomarker solution for Pharmaceutical and Bio companies

Heuron's imaging biomarker technology is expected not only to reduce the time and cost of developing new drugs, but also to improve the clinical success rate.
Heuron can provide the world's first Parkinson's Disease imaging biomarker. Since the development of new drugs related to cerebral neuropathy takes significant amounts of time and cost compared to other diseases, the clinical success rate has been only 8.4% due to the lack of quantitative evaluation methods and difficulty in selecting an effective patient group. However, if you proceed with the biomarker, the clinical success rate can be improved 3 times to 25.9%, lowering the cost of clinical failure.

Securing data objectivity

Automated algorithm

Clinical validation

New imaging modality application

Clinical trial application

Building Infra platform

Data integration management system

Actual clinical trial application

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